KORG KRONOS-73.   Boot issues and shutting down
Tracing intermittent faults can be a nightmare, but Clive was able after considerable patience to locate overheating contacts and repaired my Kronos by changing the interconnecting wiring loom.
After thorough soak testing, the unit was returned looking like new, most impressed, not expensive and would highly recommend.
Nigel B
KORG PA80.   Multiple issues
Clive was recommended to me by Korg UK. In this day and age of rip off merchants and cowboys it was refreshing to find someone honest and straightforward to deal with. He named a price and stuck with it. I would certainly use him again if the need ever arises.
Neil J
Roland RD-300SX.   Corroded PCB
I have a 15-year old much-loved Roland Stage piano and unfortunately some of the notes stopped working. Clive soon identified and fixed the problem with the circuit board, and gave the instrument a thorough clean too. Good as new! Quick turnaround and very reasonably priced - I would fully recommend him.
Chris M
VOX  AC15CH.   No output. Blown Op-amp and worn valves
Hi Clive,
Just to let you know, back home and have plugged it in and it sounds great. In fact it’s better. As I mentioned, from new it had always been quite muddy on the clean channel when used with my Les Paul guitars.
At the time I bought the amp I had a 2019 Gibson Les Paul ‘modern’ and with it’s super-pokey ‘Burstbucker’ pickups and  it never really sounded that inspiring through the AC15, to the point that I sold the guitar. Since then I’ve acquired a Gibson custom shop ’58 re-issue Les Paul which was better but still not something you’d want to use on the normal channel and I ended up only using it on the Top Boost channel.
This is night and day. It’s now much brighter and actually useable with the Les Paul on the normal channel, and the “Top Boost” channel is every bit good as it was before. I’m super happy with the result, so thank you very much!
I won’t hesitate to recommend you to my friends and should a re-valve be required in the future I will be in touch.
Phil from Watford
Korg Kross-88.   Key Issues
CMB repairs did a great job of fixing our aging Korg Kross digital Piano. It was easy to discuss the job with Clive over the phone who clearly has many years of experience of fixing keyboards and other pieces of audio equipment. He turned the job round quickly as we had a gig coming up. Very professional service with full documentation of what had been done and 3 month warranty. Would thoroughly recommend.
Anthony H
Korg Kronos X-73.   Boot issues and powers off when in use
Absolutely first class service. I travelled from the West Midland to get the issue resolved. Quick response after the investigation. Service carried out was excellent. Did a show a few days after getting the Kronos back. Really pleased. I highly recommend CMB Tech Repairs
Martin T
Korg D3200, and D1600 MKII.   General service
Superb job on my Korg recording machines thank you Clive … I’m so relieved I’ve found an engineer who actually knows what they’re doing … absolutely brilliant
Michael B
Korg PA3x-61.   Key issue and general service
Where dealers fail, here is a perfect solution to repairs!
I am very happy with your no strings attached after sales services.
Kolawole G
Korg D32XD, 2 x D3200, and D1600.   General service
Just to say a massive thank you for looking after all four of my Korg products.
Totally professional. Applied knowledge with regard service needs and exceeded my expectations.
Alex H
Korg SV-1.   Unit dead
Excellent service, completed to a high standard and in timely manner. Would highly recommend CMB Tech Repairs and would definitely use their service again.
Simon R
Korg Kronos.   Upgrade
Clive did a great job upgrading the memory and hard drive on my Korg Kronos. I dropped the instrument off and collecting it a couple of hours later. I would not hesitate to use his services again should they be required.
Peter N
Vox MV50.   No output
Was very happy with the service and fees. All good.
Paul M
Vox VT100.   Unit failing after short period of time
Clive was in touch with me throughout the repair process. In fact, owing to the complete debacle created by the courier. The well packed chassis was not only delivered late but damaged. Whilst being adequately packed and insured. They washed their hands of all responsibility and only offered to refund the price paid just to send it and refused any further compensation. No wonder they have now changed their name! Never, never send anything with those charlatans. Then Clive came up trumps. He constructed a wooden cage to screw to the repaired metal Vox chassis to prevent any damage returning it. It came back with UPS and as usual with this company. Arrived damage free. So, I would not hesitate in using his service again. My business, Nobles Music Ltd., was created in 1962 and possibly why it is still here today is the commitment to customer service.
Clive N
Korg LP-180.   Keys played loudly when pressed
Clive was extremely knowledgeable, prompt, accommodating and ultimately fixed the issue with our Korg - which others deemed too difficult. Definitely now in my contacts list. Thank you!
Rachel R
Korg PA4x-61.   Fader causing values to change without being touched
Great service with a lot of care.
Yitzchak G
Roland TR-8S.   Product dead
Clive was luckily there when I didn't know of any other nearby companies who could fix my specific problem. Communication was very clear & concise. Definitely will be my go to guy for any other Roland related problems.
Sam G
Korg SP-250.   No output from LHS speaker and headphones
It is very difficult to find someone genuine who can repair piano .I am very pleased with the repair service of my korg. I would definitely recommend CMB Tech repairs to anyone who needs their piano repaired.
Jay G
Korg 01WFD.   Blown power supply
Serviced my old Korg 01WFD, brought it back to life.
Whilst there, I now know that they also service Roland equipment.
I will shortly be taking my KC55o for life support.
Very good company to know.
Joe G
Korg Krome-88.   Keys rattle and general service
Clive did an excellent job of repairing my sons Korg Krome 88 keyboard. He was not the closest repair centre to us but after providing a very detailed breakdown of the work and the likely parts required from my description of symptoms I decided to go ahead. He went above and beyond in terms of service, quality of work, replacing additional parts without charging extra. The keyboard is as good as new now so we very pleased with the end result.
Korg SP-250.   Damaged power PCB
Clive serviced a very old Korg keyboard which needed some repairs. This was completed in a good time frame and in a very professional manner. We were very relieved to keep the same keyboard as we had thought it might be destined for the tip. Thank you Clive.
Roland Fantom-X8.   Worn rubber key contacts and faulty push buttons
It’s very hard to find somebody reliable to fix expensive keyboards like my Roland Fantom. Clive at CMB, was clearly very knowledgeable and capable of fixing any problem. He did a great job and I can happily recommend him to anyone with keyboard problems.
Francesco R
Korg SV-1.   Blown embedded PSU and sub min fuse
Service was swift and efficient at a fair price.
Stewart A
Korg Kronos.   Not powering up. Blown PSU
Loved your service and I am glad I have a realizable place to go to when korg plays up😂. You are professional and friendly.
Mpiyabo S
Korg Kronos-61.   No output. Connector issue
I experienced great service with a brilliant turn around on the repair. I would strongly recommend to any on the go musicians for a reliable and reassuring expertise.
Thanks again Clive, much appreciated.
Luke M (Luma Sounds LTD)
Roland RD-2000.   8 keys not working. Liquid contamination
I was highly impressed by the professionalism and attention to detail with which CMB Tech repairs dealt with the issue with my Roland RD2000. Diagnosis was quick and the quote for work was accurate and very reasonable given the amount of work that needed doing. Clive kept me updated on progress. Great service
Tim N
Korg Kronos-73.   Display issue. Wavestation EX.   High pitched whistle.  Behringer XR18  Faulty channel.
I was initially referred to Clive when I took an out of warranty Kronos to Korg UK to have a new screen fitted. Clive obtained the parts and completed the repair quickly, as he was aware I needed it back fairly urgently. It was also returned having been thoroughly cleaned. Whilst in touch with Clive he also repaired a power supply fault I had on an old Wavestation, and then to really test him I asked if he would look at a Behringer XR18 mixer that had a faulty channel. Although I believe he had not had experience of Behringer equipment, Clive identified the fault and ordered the part. Unfortunately the people who let us down were the supplier themselves who took many weeks to supply the parts despite Clive’s chasing. Clive is obviously very knowledgeable and was good at explaining what needed to be done, and where necessary took pictures. It says on his website “so there is nothing I will not take a look at,” and I think I was able to put that to the test! Thanks Clive
Andrew I
Roland SPD-SX.   Power issue.  SPD-11.   Power & output issue.
Nice to find someone who actually goes out of his way to make sure the job is done properly, very good knowledge and very nice person to deal with and quick turnaround. I have already recommended him, and he has done the job very well, will be getting him more work for sure
Robert "Skins" Anderson
Korg Trinity V3.   Low battery
My Korg Trinity needed a new battery. Uncertain of my soldering skills I asked Clive of CMB Tech Repairs to not only change the battery but install a battery holder so that in future battery replacements would require no soldering. He did this in a timely, friendly and professional manner, and at a very reasonable price. I would certainly use him again.
Korg Kronos-73.   Power issues.
Great service all-round. Such a rarity to find a business with customer service genuinely at the heart of it.
David S
Yamaha W7.   Switch and display issues.
Great service. Had issues with buttons and display on Yamaha W7 but Clive sourced parts and repaired synth back to former glory. A nice touch was Clive took time to give the machine a good clean. Highly recommended.
Gerry P
Zoom H6.   Liquid contamination within unit.
Clive at CBM is a highly communicative friendly and professional person to deal with and he did a great job repairing my Zoom H6. He went above and beyond helpfulness suggesting how I may be able to make my own repairs as I dared to! before an agreement to go ahead with any works was made as my precision coordination isn’t what it requires for this job. that’s the sort of honest and helpful guy you should be looking for in this world where most people are on a rush to hang up the phone.
Steve P
Korg Minilogue XD.   Worn encoder, Damaged DC socket & re-flash of CPU
Clive's service was great: he is friendly, flexible and honest and his work was excellent. And reasonably priced. I would recommend him for sure
Adrian S
Alto RMX DFX.   Faulty output
I found the service very helpful and work carried out efficiently
Cliff L
WAudio Presenter Portable PA System.   Intermittent output
Excellent professional service provided at competitive rate. Service also delivered on time, as quoted. I strongly recommend.
Brett W
Korg Triton Studio.   Multiple issues
Would recommend to anyone in need of competent and swift repair. Highly recommended
Mark K

Korg KRONOS2-88.   Reinstall and update to latest OS
Purchased a Korg Kronos 2 from a well known retailer in the London area. It was ex demo, but there were some issues with it. Cut a long story short. Korg UK stepped in and resolved the problem. So impressed with work carried out, asked them for name of company who repaired/restored it. Clive has since then, installed a sound library to above keyboard. I found Clive to be professional and friendly. Will not hesitate to use his company for future repair or servicing
Ian W
Korg 01W/FD.   Backlight and other issues
Very happy with everything. Excellent quality of workmanship and attention to detail. Good communication and fair pricing. I would not hesitate to recommend. I have other items that are heavy/bulky and I would prefer to deliver personally rather than use courier companies, so I wish he was nearer!
Keith S
Roland FP60.   Sustain pedal issue
A very efficient and convenient service
Pat M
Vox Valvetronix Tonelab Le.   Amp section not functioning
Very professional service which provided a quick response to my enquiry with an accurate estimate, followed by a first class repair.
Paul H
Korg Kronos LS-88.   Key issues
Great service. Went above and beyond to make sure that not only was the problem solved but future problems would be prevented or delayed giving years of life to my Kronos LS. 100% recommended
David Y
Roland CUBE 40GX.   Very low volume output
I was just pleased that my amp could be repaired and very happy with the result also when I collected my amp, it looked brand new. Thank you.
James C
Korg Minilogue.   BPM could not be changed
Clive service was great and fixed my Korg Minilogue well. I asked a few repairers but none of them would fix it. I believe he’s the only person in London who can fix this kind of digital controlled analogue synth. Also he responded really fast and reliable!
Jay N
Husqvarna Prisma 940.   Blown power supply
I contacted Clive to see if he could help with the repair of my daughter's old but much loved Husqvarna sewing machine. I had identified a possible faulty component, but do not have the equipment to replace it. Despite never having worked on a sewing machine before, Clive took the job on and successfully completed the repair, including precautionary replacement of a second component. Excellent service - highly recommended!
Nigel S
Casio AP-260.   Key Issues
CMB Tech Repairs did a great job of repairing my Casio keyboard and customer service was excellent. Clive was very professional and clear on identifying the problem, providing a reasonable quote and turnaround time was amazing. Also he was much more knowledgeable, friendly and easy to deal with than either the manufacturer or the dealer. Highly recommended!
Sharon L
Korg PA3X-61.   Key Issues caused by corrosion
I’m very happy with the dealings and services of Clive. He did all the repairs and he made my keyboard just like a brand new keyboard. Special thanks for his service.
Dencil W
Korg SP-300.   No output
I had spent a long term looking for someone who was recommended to carry out work on my electric piano and synth, with no success. It seemed that there was no where to turn, I even tried my local care and repair cafe who were enthuiastic but unable to help. After almost giving up with the search I finally struck lucky and was directed to Clive at CMB repairs. The experience was a revelation. Clive was so reassuring, straightforward , communicative obviously knowledgeable and a real pleasure to deal with. His pricing was clearly laid out and unlike a lot of others his turnaround time was excellent. I am so pleased to have found him and would happily entrust him with further work when needed.
Hywel T
BOSS GX-700, BOSS SY-300, and Tech21 FlyRig 5 v2.  Intermittent faults
Clive is friendly, fair and very thorough. All interactions have been a pleasure. Care is taken with gear left with him and I won't hesitate to use his services again should the need arise. Highly recommended!
I have recommended you to other musicians.
Neil B
Korg Kronos2-88.   Boot issues and broken keys.
I wish I had found Clive years ago. I had a Kronos 73 which had been out of use for well over a year, as several other repairers could not find a solution. After taking delivery of the keyboard it was not long until Clive had found the issue and had it resolved. Despite thinking I was going to have to write off the keyboard, it's now back on the road with me gigging.
Martin R
Korg EMX1, and ESX1.   Various faults and service
Clive Bonnar returned two valuable old workhorses into my life. His rates were reasonable and his promise of A 90 day warranty was honoured. Would recommend.
Peter W
Korg Kronos MK1-73, and Roland D-50.   Various issues
Around September last year during preps for the 2 abroad TEN gigs my Korg Kronos decided to die on me. It failed to load and it couldn't get passed the start-up screen. I took it to a fairly local KORG recommended repair chap. Nice bloke but basically said he couldn't repair it after 2 months of faff. The keyboard was deemed unrepairable. Enter the brilliant Clive of https://www.facebook.com/cmbtechrepairs Honestly and without any reservations I would recommend him. The beauty is fixed and I have all my patches back. (Anyone who knows me understands that I like to write a lot of my own sounds). There is a few tweaks I'm working through, as I actually got back a version 3 from my original version 1 so presets have moved around a lot. But to have it back and working is WORTH IT. When I knew he had managed to repair the KORG I asked if he could look at my VERY old ROLAND D.50. Needless to say another machine that wasn't working is now working great. What is also obvious is the care he takes with the machines. All cleaned up beautiful, tape across keybed, plastic over the screens etc. First rate, dedicated, professional service. So dear keyboardist friends that are UK based. Go to this guy if you ever have issues with pretty much any make/model. I'll never go any place else again. Trust earned!
Darrel B
Korg M3.  Faulty touch panel and general service
Great service and communication, would highly recommend and will use again.
Adam Wakeman
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