I have been doing electronics and mechanical repairs since leaving school and have always been inquisitive about how things work.
My first job was a model maker creating architectural models for the building industry. Then moved on to a company that produced models for the aerospace industry. These jobs gave me an eye for detail which I put to good use in all that I do.
Although I used my electronics skills in both these industries, it was not enough, so I tried my hand at being a field service engineer, working on various products from fax machines, laser printers and photocopiers, to print finishing equipment, like folding and numbering machines for the printing industry.
After many years of doing field work, I helped the print finishing manufacturer I was working for, set up an in-house repair centre and PCB/cable production department. I managed these for several years, whilst also doing PCB design work for the company’s research and development department.
One of my other tasks, was to design and build test rigs to mimic a fully working machine, so that production boards could be tested and calibrated before final assembly into the products.
In 2007, I decided to start up my own business and created CB design and technology. I carried out contract work for several companies, working on-site and in my workshop. Some of the biggest names I had on my books were, Morgana systems LTD, CA Traffic and KORG UK, to name but a few.
In 2012, I was asked if I would take over the position of service manager for KORG UK and work for them on a permanent basis. I have worked on many instruments while at KORG UK. From old vintage analogue products, through to the latest digital equipment. As VOX Amplification are  a part of KORG. I have also worked on valve, digital and hybrid amplifiers.
KORG UK also distributed Samson and Hartke products for several years, which allowed me to carry out repairs on mixing desks, studio monitors, solid-state amplifiers, and microphones.
Now I have come full circle and decided to reopen my repair business, but under a new banner.
I will be carrying out non-warranty repairs of KORG UK and VOX Amplification products, on their behalf. As of November 2021, I am now an accredited repairer for Yamaha, Roland and Casio.
I have also carried out repairs on phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers and everything in-between over the years. So, there is nothing, I will not take a look at.
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